Added Feb 1, 2019

Cafe Racer Special or classic motorcycles on canvas or different supports according to the dimensions that most interest you with mixed techniques such as black and white acrylic collage. If you have an idea in mind, please email me.

JANUS Motorcycles

Added Aug 31, 2020

24062001.jpg27072001.jpg07072001.jpg                                         Lavoro grafico per officine Janus Motorcycles

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Special Cafe Racer Engines and Paintings

Added Apr 19, 2019

For those interested some designs are available for viewing in Milan, to stay on the subject between an oil change and candles in the newly operated ALZAIA GARAGE repair shop Auto-Moto Cafe Racer - Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 106 corner Via Rimini. You will find two extremely available mechanics Walter and Antonio.

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